Just some of the kind comments made by people who have booked an appearance by the Hangar 11 Collection during the 2014 season alone.

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Shoreham Airshow, September 2014

Hi Peter,

Attached gives a nice mention of your display and interview. Well Done. Our best show ever and we broke all records am sure we will now reach the 2 million pounds raised for RAFA.

Safe flying and thanks for all you do for us.

Cheers John



Eastbourne Airbourne, August 2014

Hi Peter

Hope you are well?

Just wanted to say what a pleasure it was to watch you fly all 4 days of the Eastbourne airshow.  Given some of the wind we had, a very solid display as always. The 51 was sounding incredible.

Now looking forward to Shoreham. Hope the weather is good.

Happy flying!

Kind Regards

Ben Lavender
Core Controller


Tankfest Display, July 2014

Dear Peter,

This is just a short note to say many thanks for your involvement with Tankfest this year. The P51 display was a highlight for many of the people who attended this year and I thought that the display was excellent.

Tankfest had record numbers this year, with fourteen and a half thousand people attending. The quality of the displays was our best ever and we were fortunate enough to have perfect weather. As you are aware, The Tank Museum is an independent charity and each year we need to raise the vast majority of our running costs through our own efforts. Tankfest is a crucial part of keeping The Tank Museum running – now accounting for some 10% of our annual turnover.

Many thanks again for your help with the event.

Yours sincerely,

Richard Smith


A Private Funeral Display, July 2014

Dear Peter,

Very many thanks for your display today.

You made a lot of people very happy and uplifted the mood at the reception following the funeral.

My Grandmother in particular was very impressed, as were a number of pilots and RAF ground crew present, one of whom was a close friend of Brian.

A fitting aeronautical end to a long and varied aeronautical (and later nautical) life.

Best regards,



Chalke Valley Display, June 2014


It was kind of you to phone last evening and glad you got home safely.

I can only reiterate what I said last night that we owe you a debt of gratitude, not only for flying the two planned displays, but for helping us out on Sunday morning at very short notice. We had very many appreciative comments both from spectators and from the 'wheels'. As you appreciated, it is not an easy site for a display, but as always, you rose to the occasion magnificently. Very well done.

Best wishes,
John Davis


Displays at Hylands House, June 2014

Hi Peter,

We're just about finished on the breakdown for last Sunday's event and I wanted to take this opportunity to express our sincere thanks for what you have done for us.

Your time and attention on Boys Toys has been second to none. Hangar 11 has been an incredible support that has gone above all expectations; a visit to the  Hangar, endless site visits to ensure best possible opportunities, displays and fly-bys for our press contacts and the displays on the big day- quite simply stunning. Everyone has commented on how much they enjoyed both the Spitfire and the Hurricane, the firm favourites of the day.

Peter, it has been a privilege to work with you and I look forward to future events alongside Hangar 11

Kindest Regards,

Victoria Woolnough
Hylands Events Manager


Display at Hastings, June 2014

Dear Peter

Thank you so much for coming to Hastings on Saturday. Wonderful to see the Hurricane on what was a very emotional afternoon.

I have been in events for many years now and used to work for a big Housing Corporation which had a large private sector and so was able to organise quite lavish corporate events.

About nine years ago the company refurbished and opened up a row of terrace houses in Windsor, one of which was the residence for many years of Sir Sydney Camm who of course designed the Hawker Hurricane.  This gave me the opportunity to organise a 40's event by the river in Windsor with an exhibition of the Hurricane.

My father who was a joiner before the war made the wooden propellers for the Hurricane before joining up so to see the Hurricane on Saturday over Hastings Seafront was wonderful.

Many thanks again



Closure of RAF Manston, 14 May 2014

Dear Peter,

Thank you so much for today. My father had a terrific time. He just called me to say that he couldn't have had a better birthday. We will remember this for a long time.

Again, thank you so much.

All the best,


Help 4 Heroes Display May 2014

Dear Peter,

Anne and I would like to thank you so much for managing to put on a lovely display in your P51 despite terrible weather leading up to the event we had a full turn out and the display programme ran like clockwork. Its a shame you did not make the party the night before we all missed you.

We are still counting up but we should have made a good amount of cash for HELP 4 HEROES, we had 80 wounded soldiers here at the show and it really bought it home to what our service men/women have to go through.

Kind Regards,

Vic Norman


VE Commemoration Display, May 2014

Dear Peter,

Thank you for the stunning flying displays that you put on for us in the Spitfire and Hurricane over the Bank Holiday Weekend as part of our VE Event celebrations. There is nothing more stirring than hearing the sound of those Merlin engines in the sky as you put the aircraft through their paces. At the end of the displays I can assure you the crowd showed their appreciation and in some cases emotion at the spectacle they had just witnessed.

Hope to see you again next year.

Best regards,

Lance Bourne
General Manager
Royal Gunpowder Mills


Abingdon Air & Country Show May 2014

Dear Peter

How are you? Keeping well I hope.

Just a little note to say what a beautiful display you gave yesterday at Abingdon… Megan best described it as like “figure skating in the sky!”.

With best wishes

Mike (& Megan)


Private Display April 2014

Dear Peter

Thank you very much for providing a fantastic flying display last week.  The display was in support of our Cadet Force Inspection that was hosted by the Royal Air Force Section and had as guest of honour Air Commodore Sammy Sampson DSO, a Pilot who has the good fortune to fly the Spitfire.

The evocative sound of the Spitfire engine coupled with the distinctive and instantly recognizable silhouette dancing over the school helped to make a good day a great one.

Unfortunately you would not have been able to hear the ‘oohs’ and ‘aahs’ from the prep school boys and the round of applause from staff and students, all were amazed and impressed to see what a historic piece of military hardware could still do.

The weather was near perfect conditions on the ground to observe, I hope that it was just as good for you in the air.

Thank you again for providing a great display.

Good luck and fair weather.

Yours sincerely

Peter Hamilton


70th Anniversary of Operation Jericho at Hunsdon, 16 February 2014

Dear Peter,

A few years ago I joined the Hangar 11 enthusiasts club and, whilst trying to cut down on the buffet intake that day, busied myself photographing your pristine Mustang followed by great a exhibition flying of ‘Jumpin’ Jacques’.

Following successful negotiations with Denis Sharp of the Hertfordshire Airfields Management Group you created a feeling of almost boyhood fervour in the village. I don’t know if the whole village concentrated their thoughts on the weather forecasters for a more favourable day than past ones but something certainly worked in our favour.

With the service ended and a series of wreaths laid on the RAF memorial there was but one thought on everyone’s mind – which aircraft will it be?

Such an occasion, 70 years of remembrance favoured a British kite rather than an American, rather selfishly I had seen you putting the Mustang through its paces at North Weald but the only Hurricane I had ever seen was the B o B one, and now in my mid seventies it was about time fortune smiled on me !
I wasn’t disappointed, Peter, you thrilled not only a little boy of seventy but the assembly of one hundred villagers and friends. Wonderful, everyone enjoyed that Merlin sound, your expertise and generosity and a permanent memory on a sunny February day – a whole lot different in 1944 – of an aeroplane which did so much to save our country.

I speak for our villagers when I sincerely say, “ Thank You “ for what you did for us on this day when we remembered RAF140 Wing and its operation on the gaol in Amiens, Northern France.

Our very best wishes

David G. Gibbs, Chairman,
Hunsdon Parish Council


70th Anniversary of Operation Jericho at Hunsdon, 16 February 2014

Dear Peter,

I would like to thank you for the wonderful Hurricane display earlier today at Hunsdon in bright sunshine (at last!) marking the 70th Anniversary of the Mosquito raid on Amiens Prison. Gp Capt Percy Pickard is an old boy of our school, Framlingham College in Suffolk, and today's display rounded off a significant and moving week of remembering this remarkable and courageous man and all that he achieved with his brave colleagues.

Many thanks,

Andrew Payn
Wing Commander RAF Rtd
Operations Director
Framlingham College


70th Anniversary of Operation Jericho at Hunsdon, 16 February 2014

Hello Peter,

What can I say.. an absolutely wonderful display of your Hurricane, flown with style and grace. The gathering of us by the airfield memorial were enthralled and we wish you could have heard the many many cheers and shouts of approval  that were directed towards you.

You have made all of us extremely happy at the sight of your aircraft over the 70th anniversary of the Amiens raid. Your timing by the way was perfect, two minutes after the last wreath was laid and you made you first pass giving us enough time to appreciate the solemnity of the wreaths before the song of the Merlin...Fantastic!

 Your professionalism and couteous approach to us has been wonderful. Thank you to yourself and your team for making our day.

With best regards,

Denis Sharp

Hertfordshire Airfield Memorial Group.

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