Just some of the kind comments made by people who have booked an appearance by the Hangar 11 Collection during the 2013 season alone.

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Wedding display in Spitfire, October 2013

Dear Peter,

Following my daughters wedding at the weekend I just want you to know about the huge impact your display with the Spitfire had on our guests. I have not seen so many people so moved for a long time! It was absolutely fantastic, and helped make an already great day even better. My local neighbours have not stopped talking about your display; it brought a huge amount of pleasure to the village as a whole to the point that I think I might survive until Christmas before I have to buy a pint again in my local!!

Can I also say that I know you had huge difficulties with the weather and yet you still made it, not wishing to disappoint. Overall a remarkable achievement which I cannot thank you enough for. My other daughter is getting married next December - might be a challenge with the light!! Happy to discuss further.

Thank you so much again.

Kindest regards

Mike Brennan


Heritage events display director from multiple shows in 2013 season

Dear Peter

Thanks again for a great summer working with you and the team at Hangar 11. Two stunning displays in the very sporty conditions at the South East Airshow, the Kittyhawk looked splendid if not a little intimidating in the new livery. As usual a superb spot on display with the P51 despite the huge on crowd wind.

The crowd at Carfest North loved the Mustang and the display was beautifully eating up all of the sky as the clouds parted just in time
for you arrival, fantastic display.

The whole audience were on their feet for the Sunset display at Leeds castle classical concert with more than the odd tear in the eye as you flew to Walton's spitfire prelude.

And thank you especially for your flypast for Eagle day where "one of the few" remaining WWII vets made a rare trip out,  as his health is failing, and sat watching you remembering with pride his time on the machine, I haven't seen him smile so, for a long long time

Kind regards
Chris yates
Event director


Funeral display summer 2013

On behalf of myself and the family, a huge thanks to you Peter for a truly spectacular Hurricane flypast in memory of my Grandfather, a Flight Lieutenant in the RAF and fellow Hurricane pilot during WWII.  

It was a privilege to see such a beautiful aircraft at close range and piloted so skilfully - the aileron rolls were incredible!

Not the easiest of tasks to pull off either due to the short notice and our incredibly close proximity to Heathrow Airport, we were very grateful to you for going above and beyond to acquire special clearance for the flypast to proceed and providing a truly fitting spectacle to celebrate my Grandfather's life and love of flying. 

Our congratulations and thanks for a hugely successful flypast.

Sarah Johnson and family


Wedding display summer 2013


Thank you so much, your display was absolutely fantastic, and the timing was brilliant.  We had just finished the formal service and along you came.  Hope you were able to see everyone waving, they all enjoyed it so much.

For so many it was a really fitting tribute.




Assorted comments from 2013 season

Peter Quickenden I saw your display at Damyns Hall on Sunday and the general consensus was that it was the best Hurricane display we had ever seen, thank you for presenting these wonderful aircraft to us so beautifully :-).

Angela Sutton You are a true star Peter and Manston cannot thank you enough for being our White Knight and saving the day with 2 great displays x

Mark Stringer I was at Damyns hall with the wife on the Sunday - she is half Mauritian so seeing 'Mauritius' emblazoned on the side of the hurri kept her interested. You certainly know how to display the old girl - absolutely beautifully flown. Hopefully this will become one of your main events on the calendar every year - a wonderful little show, and also very local to us. Just a damn shame the runway is to short to get warbirds down on them!!


Display director Damyns Hall airshow August 2013

“Damyns Hall” 3rd/4th August 2013

Hi Peter,

I have seen a few Hurricane displays in my time. None as good as yours today!! I am told they had 20,000 over the 2 days so looks good for next year.


Richard P
Airshow Director


Display director Warwick Castle music concert July 2013

Hi Peter,

Thanks for the email and for a really fantastic display at this year's Warwick Castle Summer Proms concert. We were so lucky with the weather this year (for once!) and it was great to see the Spitfire flying in a completely clear sky. I know it was definitely a highlight for many of the audience. Timing was perfect so we really could not have asked for anything more.

Huge thanks again,



Display at New Beacon School July 2013

Mr. Teichman,

I had the absolute pleasure of your display over the New Beacon School in Sevenoaks yesterday. It was by far the best display I have ever witnessed, and the intimacy of it all left me lost for words. Despite the very low cloud base you put on a fine show - I wonder if you could hear the screams of delight from the children below above the roar of the Merlin...? It was certainly an experience our pupils (and I for that matter) will never forget. A sincere thank you from myself and all of us at The New Beacon... you certainly brought history to life for us yesterday and gave us a very unique opportunity to see one of the greatest aircraft ever to grace the skies being displayed like we have never seen before.

Best wishes,

Tom Probert


Wedding display in Cotswolds summer 2013

Hi Pete,

All good, she has'nt turned in to a monster quite yet!! Just had first trip back at work, typical 2 months away and everything goes wrong...slot, low fuel, lose a gen, Israelis shut their airspace and a go around...just ace!

Please find below a bit of prose for your website, hope its ok, still receiving more hi res images of the Spitfire so if you would like them please let me know.

"We cannot recommend Hangar 11 and Pete highly enough....it topped off an incredible day and has left both us and our guest with a memory we will never forget! It was also great that you could join us for dinner and give our friends the chance to see and interrogate 'Maverick' up close! Thanks again, just brilliant!"

Hope the display season is going well, keep in touch and let me know when you are passing through Kemble.




Summer 2013

From Wing Commander W R Hartree RAF (Ret’d) Flying Display Director RAF Cosford

Dear Peter,

It was really good to see you again (very briefly!) at the Cosford Airshow yesterday and thank you for flying your Spitfire in the display. Your spirited performance was very popular with our spectators and was a graceful contribution to the overall success of the day. I am glad your technical hitch did not prevent you from coming but I missed our chat at the BBQ on Saturday evening! With such good weather, we were almost a sell-out show and estimate the crowd at well over 50,000 strong! A record attendance for us which will have raised a significant amount for the Service charities we support.

I wish you a safe and successful display season and many more to come and I look forward to seeing you at the Hangar again in the not too distant future.

With warm regards,



Display  May 2013


I briefly introduced myself today but i obviously understand it was a big day and you were very busy.

My dad & I had a fantastic time today and Lulu Belle looks absolutely fantastic. Many thanks for letting us be part of the occasion and the mini display was fantastic once again and the BBMF could really learn a thing or two from you about displaying a warbird.

As I've said before i will sort out a cd with some images on them and pop them in the mail to you.

Once again thank you so much.

Steve Lynes


Dear Peter,

Thank you for the fantastic flying displays you put on for our VE Event this Bank Holiday Weekend. The Mustang on Sunday was great as produced many oohs and aahs from the crowd who obviously enjoyed seeing this aircraft in action. As usual the Spitfire brought for many a lump to the throat and that remembrance of what a great aircraft it is and how grateful we should be to those who flew it in the Second War War. Not many things hold 1,500 people spellbound these days, but your vintage aircraft your piloting skills certainly did!

Kind Regards,

Lance Bourne
General Manager
Royal Gunpowder Mills


Display at Muswell Manor Isle of Sheppey May 2013

Dear Peter

How can we put into words what a wonderful fly pass you did for us here at Muswell Manor except for WOW.

The response here was of sheer emotion from all age groups!!! You did us proud Peter, especially with the weather conditions, although we were extremely lucky as you arrived the sun shone.

You and your magnificent flying machine were the icing on the cake.

We will be forever in your debt and thank you for a very memorable day.

We do hope to meet you here at Muswell Manor so that we may thank you in person.

Our very best regards,

Sharon & Terry Munns

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