Just some of the kind comments made by people who have booked an appearance by the Hangar 11 Collection during the 2012 season alone.

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From Julie Stewart on her wedding day before she went on honeymoon!!


What can I say! Not much in fact as I do not have a voice left from all the screaming and cheering! I hope you realise all the menfolk were reduced to tears! Thank you, thank you. You made an already fantastic day totally perfect and you have so many fans! Mike was overwhelmed and will be in touch at some point to speak to you. We are off on hols so if not before he will call on our return.

Peter, thank you from the bottom of my heart, you are one very special manxxxxx



Good Afternoon Peter

That was a wonderful display last weekend, the sight and the sound of the Spitfire appearing created quite a commotion on the ground. Enjoyed by all. Well done!

Chairman of Royal County of Berkshire show


Mr Peter Teichman provided an outstanding display in his Hawker Hurricane Mk II B BE505 just before our Sunset Parade and Battle of Britain function in the Warrant Officer’s & Sergeant’s Mess the RAF Regiment Depot, R AF Honington on 14th September 2012. The outstanding display “drew breath” from all who were present and was a very fitting reminder to all “what the few achieved for so many”.



On behalf of RAF Odiham, I would like to personally thank you for your participation in the Display and Static at this: year's Families' Day. The support that our families provide to our serving personnel is integral to the Operational output of the Station; the time and effort that goes into organising the Families Day is the least that we can do for the hardships that they endure throughout the year. I am pleased to report that an amazing 4500 service personnel, families and friends attended the event.

Everyone that I spoke to thoroughly enjoyed the display with the diverse variety of aircraft and outstanding support that was shown by all displaying. It was probably one of the best air displays that Odiham has ever seen. Your help and generosity in-providinq a display is sincerely appreciated by myself and everyone atthe Station, and is also a testament to your commitment to aviation and the Armed Forces.

I hope that you were looked after well on the day and I look forward to seeing you again next year.

Thank you for a wonderful Hurricane display.
Yours sincerely

Group Captain D J Torati
OC RAF Odiham


Dear Peter

Firstly my I express my sincere sympathies to you on the sad loss of your beloved Mother. It is even more astonishing that you were able to complete your contract with us on Saturday in Newcastle and for that I am forever grateful.

Your display was phenomenal and was admired by so many of the 80,000 visitors to Newcastle. Many commented on that special sight and sound of the Merlin engine which brought back so many memories in this the 70th year since the GIs arrived in Newcastle (which was a theme for the festival).

I have also enclosed a copy of our Festival programme which I hope you will enjoy and certainly look forward to seeing you again in Newcastle.

My very best wishes,

Ann Moreland
Events Development Officer
Down District Council


Sunderland International Airshow 2012

I'd like to take this opportunity to thank you and your team for your invaluable contribution to the 24th Sunderland International Airshow which once again was a huge success. The feedback and media coverage for the show has been excellent so far which will further enhance the profile and raise awareness of the city as a visitor destination.

Such success can only be achieved with the skill, commitment and dedication shown by all of the participants and organisations involved in the event and your teams input and professionalism played a" key role in making this happen. It is much appreciated by the Airshow Organisers and the City Council, so please pass on our thanks to the team.

The dates for the 2013 event will be Saturday 27th & Sunday 28 July where we will be celebrating our 25th anniversary of the Sunderland International Air Show. We hope you are able to join us for what we are hoping will be a fantastic event!

Laura Young
Events Officer



I owe you many thanks for the participation of the Curtiss P40M Kittyhawk in the flying display at RNAS Yeovilton International Air Day 2012. Judging by the very positive and encouraging feedback from the public, the wide variety of aircraft that supported the flying and static displays gave a great deal of pleasure making Air Day 2012 an event to remember.

The Kittyhawk display was performed beautifully and I was glad that you were able to attend even thought the P51 Mustang unfortunately became unservicable. I know that the crowd were very excited to see the Kittyhawk and the flypast with the Sea Fury was also a great sight.

Please pass on my appreciation to the supporting crews and staff. I look forward to seeing the display in future years; the date for next year's show is confirmed as Saturday 13th July 2013.

I offer you my best wishes for the remainder of the season.

Yours Sincerely,
Commodore P A Chivers OBE


Hello Peter,

I just wanted to send this before Jules and myself departed on our honeymoon to thank you for your fantastic display at our wedding on Saturday. I had been kept totally in the dark as to what was to unfurl. When we were exiting from the marquee I was asked what was happening and rather tongue in cheek I suggested that Jules had either arranged for a water skier on the Swale or a Spitfire fly past!! Never in my wildest dreams did I expect what happened. If I had not been getting married to the kindest and most thoughtful lady in the world I would have said that it was the highlight of the day/week/month/year etc. etc. Needless to say there were a lot of grown men reduced to tears, myself amongst them. Just about everyone who attended has said that it was one of the, if not the, best weddings they have been to.

Coming from Stoke on Trent we as children were taught all about our local heritage and R.J.Mitchell is always at the forefront of this. Indeed my father attended the same high school as RJ albeit some time afterwards. This was where my interest in Spitfires and the Battle of Britain in particular originated. It was a combination of memorable family dates (including the 14th being my late mother's birthday, the 13th being Jules' mother and father's wedding date, the 12th being Jules' late gran's birthday) that led to Jules suggesting the 15th of September for our wedding date and I wasn't going to disagree!

We would love to come to see you (and the collection!!) in person to thank you personally at some point when your schedule permits.

Once again thank you so much for putting the icing on our wonderful day,

Kindest regards and best wishes,

Mike & Jules (Mr. & Mrs.Mayer)


We asked Peter to do a flyover in his Spitfire for our Wedding Day at Leeds Castle – a truly British affair you could say. We had a small problem in the fact that it was slap bang in the middle of the Olympics… Problem you say? Why’s that? Well, the Aviation Authorities enforced a massive no fly-zone around the Olympic Stadium (unsubstantiated but probably a 4,000 mile no-fly radius) in case of potential terrorist threats; apparently worried about the payload a Cessna or other light aircraft could carry.

Nonetheless, Peter wouldn’t let a few pen-pushers ruin what is the busiest period of the year for his Warbirds and ultimately jeopardise these classic planes future in light of not being able to meet the high maintenance costs through sponsored air shows. He continued to escalate his very valid argument to more senior individuals at the Aviation Authorities explaining that whilst he understood the precautions being taken, it wasn’t in the British spirit to prevent these planes that once saved our nation, from being relegated against the commercially driven enterprise of the Olympics. Fortunately they eventually agreed and the green light was given.

The Spitfire turned up at the castle right on time at 8:15pm and it was a wonderful summer’s evening. The wedding guests weren’t told about the little surprise and all standing in an arranged area, started looking towards the sky when they heard the Rolls Royce Merlin Engine roar get closer and closer. Now, all eyes on the sky, Peter then proceeded to perform the most amazing Spitfire display; with everyone’s favourite manoeuvre clearly being the Spit coming towards the crowd from head-on, but disappearing from the horizon under a wooded area, only to re-appear at the last second and then barrel roll towards the sky – the engine screaming! Awesome! Awesome! Awesome! The display lasted 15 minutes and everyone was spellbound by the moment especially in the setting of the beautiful Leeds Castle, quaffing fine wines / ales and all on a lovely Summer’s evening. The guests couldn’t believe how lucky they were to be treated to such a surprise.

We are indebted to Peter and his Spitfire in making our wedding day that much more special. Thank you!

Mr and Mrs Smith


Spitfire PR XI flying over Oare 15/09/12

Just like to say a big thank you for the display given yesterday afternoon along the Swale. Even us birdwatchers were captivated by the beauty of the performance and I particularly loved the sound of a Merlin at full chat. Was this just a practice display or was it for an event. Whatever the reason thank you for making a glorious day even more memorable.

Best wishes

Derek Maslin

PS do you ever have open days - I'd love to get up close to all of your planes!



These compliments are only a small reflection on what we all feel. I'm on the ground when you're in the air and can hear many of them personally. A fantastic display and very well done. I just love the sound of those engines.

Looking forward to seeing you there next year as it's getting to the stage that W&W wouldn't be complete without a Teichman display - but even more so when I get a shotgun in your hand and swap it for a ride in the back seat :-)




Hi Pete,

Your P-40 display at Dunsfold yesterday was one of the best single engined piston displays I have seen for a long while – v.lyrical and could not have been more photographer friendly.

Pic attached – will send some more during the week once I have edited plus pics of the Hurribomber





I thought i would take the time out to say thank you for such an entertaining display in the P40 & Hurricane today at Wings & Wheels, Dunsfold.

I should imagine you get a lot of emails from like minded people, but it's truely appreciated and you fly them in such a fantastic way (the BBMF could learn a thing or 2 from yourself).

But once again, I feel honoured to see such aircraft still flying in this day and age and it's down to people like yourselves that make it happen.

Your sincerely

Steve Lynes


Hi Peter

Hope you are well.  Sorry I've been so rubbish - the olympics had taken over my life!

Please find attached a clipping from the local paper!

With best regards,

Rachel Deighton


Dear Peter,

Just a note to say thank you so much for the fabulous display you provided to accompany our Best Of British Proms Spectacular concert at Warwick Castle. With the Royal Philharmonic performing classic themes such as Dambusters and Walton's wonderful Spitfire Prelude, your aerial acrobatics provided an emotional accompaniment and many of our guests commented that it was the highlight of the whole evening.

Communication in the run up to the event and on the day were superb and it was a pleasure for myself and the Rouge team working with you.

Many thanks again and we look forward to the next one.

Andrew Wyke
Executive Producer, Rouge Events


Hi Peter

I can only echo the emailed comments and add my own thanks for a simply brilliant display. What a shame we will only enjoy one of your displays this year!

Hoping for better luck and weather next year


Display Organiser Shuttleworth Collection


I just wanted to send a thank you to the team, and especially the pilot for a superb display at Old Warden yesterday. The flying was amazing, and standing right underneath her as she flew in low and fast over the airfield boundary reminded me of the wartime images with the young childen at the Battle of Britian bases. I have never been so close and so in awe of such an amazing display.

Martyn Hoyland

Dear Peter,

I have been attending air shows for most of my 24 years along with my father as we are both avid fans of classic aircraft. I just wanted to say that today's display at the Shuttleworth Military Pageant was the best Spitfire display I have seen.

We both agreed that the loops, barrel rolls and especially the low flying really showed your magnificent aircraft off. We had also seen you display last year at Southport in the Spit and thought the same then, so I thought I would write to say; keep up the good work!

Kind Regards




I just have to say your display today was superb.

The cadets called it "wicked" and "awesome" which, apparently, is teenage-speak meaning very good!

We look forward to seeing the P51 at Eastbourne.

Very best regards,

David Freestone
2461 Sqn ATC


Hi Peter,

I just heard from a couple of people at Cleethorpes, it seems they were pretty thrilled with your display….Many thanks

And well done for getting there ! The WX I looked at didn’t look great.

Best wishes,

Display Organiser

Hi Peter

Hope all is ok with you. Thank you for a fantastic display at Warwick Castle on Saturday - the audience loved you! Was a shame about the weather but I think we could have had it a lot worse!

It was great to work with you and hopefully we'll be back in touch regarding next year.

Let me know when is good for you to meet and I can drop the radio off!

Rachel Deighton


Dear Peter Teichman,

Could I please congratulate you for the simply superb breathtaking and brilliant display of Spitfire R-Robert you gave this evening at Ripley Castle.I have never seen a Spitfire displayed as good as this and in such a confined area such as this venue was. The last time I saw R-Robert was some 8 years ago up here in Yorkshire before he came down to you.The noise and sight of this magnificent aircraft this evening was simply glorious. Long may it continue.

Thank you once again - Brilliant.

Andrew Curtis


Dear Maestro,

I did try phoning you after I had thought you might be on the ground (never got through then it rained) to congratulate you on a fabulous display, the Kittyhawk was shown off in the best possible way – great flying as always, you’re a star and they loved it!!!

Many thanks

Peter Everingham
Ferrari Owners' Club of Great Britain


Dear Peter

I flew down to Cosford for the airshow the other day and was delighted to see you attending with your magnificent P40 Kittyhawk. I try to attend Cosford as well as many of the other key shows each year and I’ve watched many of your displays in each of your aeroplanes. I feel compelled to congratulate you and your team on all the fantastic work you do with these wonderful flying machines, not only the restoration work but the fantastic displays you put on around Europe keeping their history alive and kicking. I’ve been an aviation nut since I was 10 and the older I get the worse I get spending as much time flying as possible.

Thanks for your contribution to our wonderful world of aviation, I look forward to seeing your next project take to the skies.

Best Wishes



Dear Peter,

Anne and I want to thank you for bringing the Hurricane yesterday,it was the star attraction and your display was very well flown and enjoyed by all.I hope you are not having to rough a time looking after your mother,I was there a few years back and know what its like.

Many Thanks,

Vic Norman

Dear Peter,

I wanted to take this opportunity to thank you again and express my most sincere gratitude for the magnificent Spitfire display you provided on June 4th in memory of my late father, Martin. We had a gathering of immediate family and closest freinds and it's fair to say that all who were present were incredibly moved by the sight of your beautiful aircraft and the wonderful sound of the Merlin engine, not to mention the precision of your display which was exactly as I'd hoped it would be.

It was a morning we shall never forget and an extremely fitting memorial to Father and the hobby he so loved.

With warmest regards ,

Donald Sargeant.

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