Just some of the kind comments made by people who have booked an appearance by the Hangar 11 Collection during the 2011 season alone.

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Mr and Mrs Lavender enjoyed their display, the video can be seen on the videos pageHi Peter,

I hope you are very well and enjoy the fine weather just like me? Meanwhile it becomes more peaceful and I found time to say thank you to you and your crew for being here and participate with wonderful displays at the event in September!

All the best to you and your wonderful team from very sunny “1st November-Hahnweide”!


From Hans Puskeiler - one of the organisers of the Hahnweide air display in Germany.

Dear Peter,

What an amazing day I had yesterday! I still cannot stop grinning about my incredible experience of being flown by you in 'Jumpin Jacques'.

You have made and old man very happy Peter.

Thank you,

Bill O'Leary

Hi Peter

I just wanted to thank you again for giving me the opportunity to fly in the Mustang at the weekend. 

Having been one of the few things I've wanted to do for as long as I can remember my expectations were very high, but were massively exceeded on the day. The noise, the smell, the feeling of speed and agility of the aircraft was breathtaking and I'm still trying to take it all in. I feel extremly privileged to have been given this opportunity and the memories I will treasure.

Many thanks again to you and the Hangar 11 team. Hope the winter work goes well and look forward to seeing you on the display circuit again next year.


Allen Wells

Good Morning Peter,

I want to thank you for your wonderful displays that last couple of weekends at Old Warden! Wonderful displays (as always) in the P-40B Kittyhawk and the P-51D "Jumpin Jacques" It truly is a pleasure to watch you display in all your aircraft. It makes taking photographs a real joy.

Again, thank you very much Peter for a wonderful 2011 display season. It was a pleasure seeing you display in all your Hangar 11 aircraft this year.
Take care. Looking forward to the 2012 display season.

All the Best To You and Yours,

Lance B.Kuhn

Morning Peter

As for your display in the Spitfire, it was the best display I have ever seen. The sight and sound of the aircraft made a huge impact and everyone said the display was fantastic. Even the people that are not really that into aircraft said it sent a shiver down their spines. And some of the people that were into aircraft had a tear or too where it was so emotional for them. Some had never seen a Spitfire before but were taken in by its sound and looks. In fact you stopped the whole area as we had reports of people watching the display from all around and even the staff at the castle left what they were doing to come and watch. They all said it was amazing to see you fly in the Spitfire. It really was fantastic to have you there and it really was a dream come true to have you there with the aircraft. It made our wedding really stand out and we were the first people to have such a thing at cooling. I had so many people ask me about the Spitfire I added a brief history of the aircraft in my wedding speech.

Even at the end of the day everyone was still buzzing from the day and your display and Kim and I thank you so so much for your time and giving us the best display we have ever seen.

I'm so sorry I could not write to you earlier, I wanted to but I had no computer to do it on as we were in the New Forest. If you wish I will send you some photos when I have sorted them from your display.

Thank you again You really are a fantastic display pilot and your aircraft are some of the best examples around. A truly fantastic day rounded off by a truly remarkable display. THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU.

Kindest Regards


Dear Peter

A note of thanks from the Ferrari Owners’ Club of Great Britain for the wonderful flying display at our National Meet and Concours on 11 September 2011. Your arrival in the P51 Mustang was precisely on time and the subsequent display was just superb. Through your display procedure we were able to see the aircraft from all angles and in a multitude of ‘attitudes’ showing off the capabilities and performance at their best. I was able to give a little of the history of ‘Jumpin Jacques’ during it all and give something of an insight into the importance of the P51 during the last years of WW2 – reminding all of the courage of those who flew them in action. Afterwards many said it was the finest display of a P51 that they had ever seen!

Good wishes

Peter Everingham

"Pilot Peter was a true hero, performing incredibly technical manoeuvres which ensured that our guests jaws remained dropped for the entire duration of his two breath taking displays. There simply could not have been a better way to revel in the spirit of a bygone era – it was a golden opportunity to see some of the rarest war planes of all time."

Hanna Latham

Dear Peter Teichman,

I would just like to say thank you for displaying your spitfire and hurricane at Shoreham this year. I have been going to Shoreham's airshow for at least the last 15 years and I am captivated by the selection of aircraft that are put on display by all the pilots involved.

This year, I would say without a doubt that the display flown by yourself and Mr Goldspink were truly brilliant. I especially like the big cheesy grin you seem to have on your face when you fly any of your machines.

Long may the airshow industry and collections like yours continue.

Kind regards

Gary Dumbrell

Peter Good Morning,

A belated thank you for the Spitfire display on Sunday 14th August; it was superb. You held the crowd in the palm of your hand, there was deadly silence whilst you flew apart from, “fantastic”, “that’s super”, and it’s amazing that plane is only slightly younger than me (1943) but what a mover it is so effortless as it cuts through the air. I think its engine noise of 27 litres of Merlin that stops people. I know it does me.

You had quite a busy weekend with the display in Eastbourne then flying back to North Weald change planes and then coming to fly for us.

I met a young lad who had a good camera with a lens as long as your arm if I get the photos he said be would send I’ll send you copies

Thanks again for your display and hope to see you next year


Mike Shaw Regatta Chairman and President of Whitstable & Herne Bay Lions Club


As you know, my Father David died unexpectedly in the early hours of 1st July 2011. During the late 80’s and 90’s Dad had the distinct privilege of owning and flying Spitfire Mk1X, MJ730, perhaps better known by enthusiasts as the “CO’s Query”. It was an opportunity that he truly cherished. He embraced the responsibility of keeping such an iconic aircraft flying; very much in tribute to those airmen that had gone before.

I therefore can’t thank you enough for the wonderful display you flew in tribute to Dad on the day of his funeral. There were those in attendance who vividly recalled the many occasions that Dad and MJ730 took the skies to attend memorial services, airshows or just for the shear pleasure of piloting a Spitfire.

Your display filled us all with very mixed emotions. It was a truly fitting send off for an altogether remarkable man that I am so proud to have been able to call ‘My Father’

Your Mk11 is a stunning example and you clearly enjoy flying her. The Spitfire means so many different things to so many different people…keep up the very good work you do!

Many thanks once again.

With best wishes,

Rob Pennell.

Hi Peter,

A belated note to thank you very much for attending our media day last week and especially for giving such a breath taking air display.
I am really new to all this and was blown away by the beautiful Hurricane and by your display, so thank you very much.


David Hurst
Fly To The Past Ltd

Chipstead Village Fair and Flower Show 2011

We have had the Spitfire flying display at two of our recent shows, the 100th Anniversary Show in 2009 and again this year 2011 in response to public demand. Peter & Hangar 11 are very easy to deal with. He is very enthusiastic and takes great care in ensuring he provides exactly what you need. The conditions for our last show were not good but were improving slowly and Peter was keen to fly. He kept in constant touch with excellent advice and jocular positivity. It was touch and go, but eventually we got the welcome news that he was on his way. The display was magnificent and among the comments given to me were " a generous display", " the sight & sound of the Spitfire above an English village sent shivers down my spine", "Brilliant, can we have it back next year?" and "it was a great climax to the Show".

Thank you so much, Peter, you really made the day special when it could have been disastrous weather-wise. Good luck with future endeavours and keep in touch. We may need you again!

Pam Gilburt


Thank you very much for a wonderful display last night.  The whole crowd had their eyes to the sky and smiles on their faces!  It was a marvellous opening to a spectacular night – many thanks.


Maj J Hamlin
Defence Academy Headquarters

Dear Peter,

I am writing to thank you for the significant contribution you made to Buckinghamshire's Armed Forces Day 2011 which was held at Aylesbury Rugby Club on Saturday 25th June.  As you know the aim of the event was to say a huge Thank You to the Armed Forces Family (regulars, reservists, veterans, cadets, war widows and their families).  We believe that we were successful with that message and also with our second objective of cementing the last Saturday in June in the public consciousness as being a day to commemorate the work of our Armed Forces - Past, Present and Future.

We could not have put on a day of this magnitude without the support of our many partners - public, private and voluntary.  I consider it to be Buckinghamshire at its best and you helped us to deliver.  The event has received extensive media coverage locally and there are some excellent videos and photographs on the internet.  The Ministry of Defence mentioned just 3 locations on their news release on 25th June - Edinburgh (2011 host city), Plymouth (2012 host city) and Aylesbury.  Furthermore, Lieutenant General Mark Mans (Adjutant General) who spent over 4 hours at the event congratulated us on the success of the event and suggested that other counties should  use our model when planning future AFD events.  He was particularly impressed with the flying display.

One of the highlights of the day was the Flying Display and we considered that your 2 displays excelled in every way which helped create that very special pride we all feel for aircraft of WW2 vintage.  We have received some very strong praise about the quality of both of your displays and they were extremely popular with both young and old.  We hope that you will continue to support our events in the future.

Once again thank you very much for your wonderful support and also for finding us such a wonderful flying display coordinator when we were in great danger of not being able to put on a flying display at all.  We could not have put on this event without the help of you and others who helped make Buckinghamshire's Armed Forces Day event a successful and fun day for the Armed Forces Day Family and those members of the general public who attended too.


Joe Bradshaw
Assistant Clerk to the Buckinghamshire Lieutenancy & Executive Assistant to the Chairman of Buckinghamshire County Council

Hi Peter,

Thanks again for the fantastic display on Friday evening. As I think my father mentioned there were a few grown men welling up such was this emotion of the Spitfire and that fabulous sounding Merlin engine.

Will be in touch again.


Hi Peter

Outstanding displays in the Hurribomber and Spit. The applause at the end said it all! 

There is nowhere quite like Old Warden is there.


Paul Taylor

Dear Peter,

North Moreton Air Pageant

Thank you so VERY much for the impromptu air display. It fitted in just perfectly before the flying started. It was much appreciated by our guests (about 1000 of them).The Tiger Nine did a superb display, as did Stu in his Pitts, Jeanne Frazer in her Cub, Mark Miller in the Rapide, The Reds' flythrough, Gerry Sturgess in his glider to music and Keith in our Hurricane.

Everyone enjoyed themselves. Thank you for the part you played. I think we raised a goodly sum for the Air Ambulance and our church restoration.


Peter Vacher

Dear Peter,

On behalf of our Association I would personally like to Thank You for display you gave in your P-51 Mustang "Jumpin Jacques" you were able to provide for our Grand Open Day at Horham on Sunday May 15th, it was the Best display our Veterans, their families and all our visitors have ever seen, the display made many a tear in our veterans eyes, to see a "Little Friend" over their old base" they said they as pleased to see one on our Open day as they were on missions during World War 2, also visitors that day were heard to say "We don't get displays like this at Air Shows'.

The Grand Open Day is a very important day for our Association to raise funds for the ongoing restoration of the old NCOs club on the base, known as "the Red Feather Club" we are only a small group of volunteers who have raised money to restore the old club into a museum solely dedicated to the 95th Bomb Group, every year we have veterans and their families visit us, this year we dedicated a memorial to the 95th Bomb Group.

You are always most welcome to visit us Horham at any time, so please contact me. Once again please accept our overwhelming Thanks to you and your team. Please accept my Apologies for the delay in Thanking You.

Yours Sincerely

James Mutton

Hello Peter,

I felt compelled as one of those who attended today’s ceremony at Long Marston, Buckinghamshire (nr Cheddington airfield), to say how fantastic your display was this afternoon. I know that all those I spoke to felt the same and I have no doubt would wish to express their gratitude to you. Speaking to Chas Jellis earlier he mentioned that you undertook the display without cost! This was truly a generous and self less act and demonstrates your passion to share our heritage. I know your display added greatly to this very poignant event.

I am sure that Chas Jellis will contact after what will be a very busy and special weekend for him. He should be highly commended for all the time, money and effort he has put into organising, not only this event, but a similar one back in the autumn of 2009. He is an incredibly genuine and passionate about honouring these men both those still with us and those that sadly paid the ultimate sacrifice during WW11.

Once again thank you very much for adding something so special to today’s event.

Best regards

Mark Church


Having just witnessed - along with a thousand others - your Hurricane being put through its paces here at the Royal Gunpowder Mills during our VE Day Event, I had to pass on my thanks for a brilliant display.

Although we enjoyed cloudless skies I know the gusty wind must have made it rather more difficult than you would have liked, so well done for keeping
the aircraft in such close proximity to our audience.

We had pre-prepared some sound effects to be played over our PA system during your flight but I had it turned off shortly after you started as all
we really wanted to hear was the sound of the Merlin engine.

It was uncanny but a strange hush descended over the crowd during your performance, everybody had stopped talking and were just looking skyward. You obviously couldn't here it but there was a great round of applause when you had finished your display and I'm sure it will live long in the memory of all those privileged to witness it.

Again many thanks.

Brian Harvey
Services Manager

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